Shining a Light on Pain

Everyone encounters pain in some form. I have been given a heavy load of pain that I have to carry with me. Having pain sucks, A LOT and nobody likes that. It’s a rotten feeling that makes flips your world upside down. However, recently I’ve had a change of heart. I came to the realization that going through pain is what lead me to most of my successes. Having my heart broken pushed me to keep myself occupied with activities and hobbies. During that time I drowned myself in art, poetry, and fitness. I spent less time on my phone and more time strengthening my bonds with my family and friends. So, now when my heart is aching I know that it is not the end of the world. I am confident the pain will bring positive things my way.

The picture below is stunning, isn’t it? The sun rays give the photograph an abstract and majestic look. Think of the sun as your life, the clouds as your pain and the sun rays as your goals and achievements. The sun needs the clouds to create its rays.




The whole world is sound asleep
as I lie there wide awake.
Why can’t I sleep?
Pain invades my heart.
Teardrops roll down my face.
My heart aches.
My eyes blurred with water,
feeling like the last one on earth.
No one to catch me.
No one to read my pain.
The night becomes so damn long,
so damn quiet.
Why won’t my heart listen to my brain?
My mind and body want relief.
My mind wants to escape.
Dreams become my blanket.
A get away from my heart.
A momentary vacation to heal.

The Start to Something Beautiful


I use writing as an outlet when I feel like I can’t turn to anyone. Writing clears my mind and leads me to figure out what I really want or what I should do. Basically, it lets me look at my life from outside the box. Other than that, I believe writing that comes from the heart is a form of art. My favorite poet is Rumi because when he wrote he spilled his heart and soul into his works with so much wisdom. My passion for writing started when I was going through a repeated pattern of heartaches and needed to let out my pain. I would write my heart out, even if it didn’t make sense and by the end, it still made my heart feel lighter. Coming to the realization that I could let out my innermost thoughts and feelings without exposing myself is when I fell in love with writing. I am eager to enter the world of blogging to see how it will help me grow.